Sunday, October 27, 2013

Phone Blok

Phone Blok is an idea to stop electric waste by phones decrease.
This phone is made of different detachable blocks, each with particular uses like speed, storage and more. They are all connected together in the base. In difference of other phones, you can customize it by your taste. If you wish your phone would be faster, you could take away your storage block, put a smaller one, and add a bigger speed block. This way you don’t need to pay for another phone, creating waste and spending more money.  So today I’m here to persuade you to support this splendiferous idea. We need investors to make this dream a reality. Spread the word.

This is a phone that is almost impossible to be completely dead. Crack the screen? Buy a screen block. The base doesn’t work? Buy another one. This won’t only reduce waste; it will also make you save a significant amount of money in phones. Some people say that what if the blocks are expensive? Well, Dave Hakkens created this idea thinking about stopping electronic waste. When you buy a new block, you send back the old one, so it is recycled. Buying a block instead of a phone would definitely be cheaper.

You can also customize the Phone Blok however you want. If you want your phone to be faster, buy a bigger speed block. Want a better camera? Buy a better camera block. You can add and take away features everyday. In other phones you can download apps, and change background screen. With Phone Blok you can change anything. claims "In the US, 3,000,000 tons of electronic waste I thrown away" We don’t really notice this because companies ship all E-waste to 3rd world countries to burn them there. So we don’t pollute OUR land. That isn’t working very well. The air currents carry all the toxic gasses back to its origin. Sadly, that doesn’t stop them from doing this. The toxic fumes aren’t only bad for the environment; it is also bad for us. Burning electronics releases many toxic gasses that contaminate all of its surroundings. Human civilization as we know it, is disappearing slowly into a cloud of smoke, smothered by insensibility. This isn't our fault though. Electronics are simply not designed to last. Companies force us to buy the whole new device when it’s usually a small component that has improved or is broken. They design it this way to trick us into buying more of their products than should be necessary. We all have that useless cabinet. The one filled with 20 different cables from past electronics. But none seem to work on your new gadget. The connecter doesn’t quite fit. So you have to go out and buy another. 2 months later you buy the new latest electronic.
That new cable will join, what I like to call, the cabinet of sadness. Welcome to the cold truth of the economy.

Millions of people buy electronics everyday, and as world population increases, electronic waste increases. Dave Hakkens couldn't just stand there and watch our world fall into ashes. Neither should we. So lets all spread the word. It is as simple as going into Facebook and posting about this. Since I joined, 928,808 people and me will post a link about this on Facebook on October 29. Join the thunderclap. “Take care of earth and she will take care of you”-Unknown

To learn more go to: thestoryofstuff