Sunday, June 16, 2013

Paradise is everywhere

Sometimes you just want to disappear. Vanish and appear on paradise. The hot sand squirming through your toes. The warm breeze caressing your skin along with the occasional wave refreshing your feet.
But you can't go there. You're stuck in the cruel reality that is life. Or so I thought. 
This year, as I sat in my dead silent balcony and stared at the paralyzing night lights I learned something. Paradise is everywhere. You just have to find it. You just have to make it.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Summer, Oh, Summer.

Summer is here. I imagine myself going to parties, the beach. But instead Im here, writing on a blog that nobody reads. Procrastinating all day, all night. Its just never is how you expect it to be. And the worst thing is that you dont know who your classmates are going to be. So you just sit there, thinking the worst, all summer. Three months. Luckily im flying to New Zealand. But meanwhile? Meh. And so you go to Facebook and change your status to "Enjoying summer!" in your dark room with your pajamas and Doritos. But I guess we just have to make the best of it. Like most things in life.
You can set goals. Like learning to play the piano or practice soccer.
But lets be honest. 5 min after you've set them, you'll forget about them and just watch all seasons of glee for the next 3 months. 
And even if you do go to the beach, you'll come out like a tomato.  Ive learned that it dosent matter how much sunscreen you apply, you'll still get burned. And since this happens, my mom puts so much sunscreen on me, I end up looking like a newborn. My brothers can agree on this. 

Imagination is amazing

As she put on her comfy silk pajamas, she brushed her teeth with some "colgate"toothpaste. She felt weak and tired. She climbed on bed smoothly, using the covers as grip. She tucked herself in, turned the lights off and she was ready for her brain to carry her into an adventure. As time passed she slept like a baby with her favorite teddy bear. But something... something woke her up. She took a glance at the clock. 12 sharp. She tried to go back to sleep, but couldn't  She started to sweat and feel uncomfortable. Like if someone was staring deep through her soul. She imagined. A girl, a monster ready to eat her, or that guy from saw ready to strike at her. She felt a lump in her throat. She wanted to scream, but was too afraid to. Suddenly, she heard something dropping on her carpet. An axe? hammer? gun? She cleaned up her sweaty face with her even more sweaty palm. She took a deep breath and took a glimpse at the hopefully empty room. She saw something she never expected.
Her dog. It was her dog. Her sweat drops started to disappear as she stood up to take the dog outside  Imagination is amazing.


I sit down and stare at the cloudy night sky. I could hear the leaves rattle, dogs in distress and an odd sound seeming to come out of a cricket. I gazed at the giant gray sheet covering the sky, and suddenly, I see a a shining speck of light peeking out through the clouds. It seemed small but I knew it wasn't. It was just the beginning of millions of stars. And just like that, even though I was alone, I didn't feel lonely.

Darkness arises

Tanya got off the car. She waved the taxi driver goodnight as he left leaving behind only silence and darkness. The only faint light came from an old light pole that had survived that evening's rain. Tanya searched in her warm pocket for the keys, but felt nothing. She glanced up and saw the key was already attached to the door knob. Darkness filled her inside. Nervously, she turned the key counterclockwise and with a "tack"the door swung open. She pressed the first switch she felt. Nothing happend. She desperately shoved her hand into her messy purse. She pulled out her phone and lighted the corridors with the faint light coming from the screen. She took a careful step. Then another, and another.
She pressed her finger on her phone 10 times and placed her phone against her ear.
"Hello, how may I help you?""
"Yeah, um I wanted to know why my house doesn't have any electricity. My house is at Detroit, Kennedy road, house number 6."
"Let me see what I can do. Ok, there seems to be a pair of light poles that fell around that area. They might have it fixed by 12 PM."
Tanya glanced at her clock. 10:34.
"Well okay, thanks"
She hung up and walked caressing the walls until she got to the kitchen.
She sat on the cold marble floor as she saw her phone slowly run out of battery.
She stared at the darkness as she slowly fell asleep.

Life is full of fiction

When I was little, every time I heard "aliens" I thought "fake","fiction". And some of you might as well do so, and thats why I'm here. To show you how fiction can become reality. How there can be life out there. 

"It's 99% certain that there is life on mars"- According to Mirror Uk News, on july 1976, the Viking 1 Probe touched down on Mars and failed to find traces of life - but now, three decades later, scientists think the experiment was flawed. Mathematical analysis of the samples concluded that salts in the soil from Mars threw off initial estimates- and that the soil samples show strong evidence of microbial life. 

If we already found so much evidence of the possibility of life so close to us, it may mean that there are a lot of civilizations or maybe a "United Planets of the Universe". But we are getting ahead of ourselves in thinking that just because we found chances of life, that there are millions of intelligent civilizations.... or are we?

People claim  to have seen U.F.O's, but its not very convincing. We can't base such a giant theory on a streak of light that people claim to be U.F.O's. There is so much technology in photoshop these days, that we can't trust videos either. Thats why we have to look for facts, chances and percentages. Like this one: "In the past years the Kepler space observatory has found hundreds of planets just around nearby stars." TEDed explains. Now, if we extrapolate that data, there might be half a trillion planets just in our galaxy.... And even if say, only 1 out of 10,000 planets have conditions to support life (which is a ridiculously small amount) that would still be an astonishing 50 million possible life harboring planets just in the milky way.
  The Hubble Ultra Deep Field is an image taken in 2004, of a small area of space in the constellation Fornax. It's the deepest image of the universe ever taken at that time, which reveals about 10,000 galaxies visible. 
Now, if we multiply that data thinking still that there are 50 million possible life harboring planets in a galaxy (if we still think about 1 out 10,000 can offer life) that would still be 500,000,000,000 life harboring in that tiny spot of this immense universe. 

If there is so much chances of planets spawning life in such a tiny spot, there has to be at least 1 planet with life. It would be selfish to think we are the only ones in this universe, especially when all facts and chances point to the possibility of life.

But "aliens" don't have to be green with 2 antennas on their head. They are just another type of living organisms. The word alien means: relating or belonging to another country : FOREIGN. 
But why do we imagine aliens so advanced? Well, our planet was created 9.1 billion years later after the big bang. So there certainly were huge amounts of planets if just a few of them spawned intelligent life, their technologies would have millions of years to grow.

Now, even if in some planets there isn't oxygen or water or maybe its unthinkably cold, there can still spawn life there. Scientists have found extremophiles here on earth. Extremophiles are living organisms that live in extreme conditions. There is one bacteria that live's in Antarctica, on one of the coldest, driest desserts on earth.   There is no reason there isn't life in super cold or hot planets. 

I know many people who believe if they don't see it, its not true. If you are one of those I just want to say; look around you. Even the most common thing are the most unbelievable things. Come on, everyday millions of people travel , flying through the seas, defying gravity, something people didn't even dream about. But sometimes dreams can become reality. Remember, life is full of fiction.

-Mirror Uk News
-Keith Mason

Perfect is overrated

Fear. Everyone hates fear. Being afraid, scared. And admit it... it sucks. Real bad. It makes you believe things that aren't true. It makes you do illogic things, and it makes you feel like you are not good enough.

Lets say, you are cooking an egg and the pan turns on fire. And what do you do? You don't go look for the fire extinguisher or for a glass of water, no. You just stand there yelling like if your sound waves will turn off the fire. Then your brother comes in... what does he do? He stands there, yelling along with you, and you both end up sounding like a Skrillex chorus.

In my case, I am illogic on rollercoasters. Even though I know I’m not going to die, I’m afraid. It’s like this one time. I was ready to ride my first roller coaster in years, and not a normal roller coaster... Dueling Dragons. Scarier and faster than Hulk. I whispered to my brother as I held his hand: I'm not getting scared, psh.
Yeah... well I was wrong. I sounded like a rooster in the morning.
Don't believe me? Ask my brother to show you his hand.

Fear is a powerful feeling. And it doesn't just make you do stupid things... it makes you see things that are not there.

Every time my family goes out and I stay home alone, my brain reminds me of every scary thing I've ever seen. And every time I turn around, for 1 second, I see it. Either if it is Sadako from The Ring, Billy from Saw or even a zombie. Every time I turn around, there it is. I know its just my imagination. But I still get a mini heart attack. Every. Single. Time.
You try to forget about those haunting movies. But guess what? Thats the only thing your brain thinks about. It starts imagining scenarios of Billy coming and killing you. Not by shooting you, nope. By the most sadistic, bloody way you will EVER THINK OF. And every time, you imagine a bloodier way. Thank you brain. Thank you.

Then, there is the most powerful fear. Its not just being afraid of monsters. There is also fear of being wrong. This fear is so powerfull it doesn’t let you be yourself. It makes you shy and scared of just talking to someone. It makes you afraid of not being good enough. Its a fear you should never have. People say that "perfect" doesn't exist. Crap. Everyone is perfect in their own way. Us humans have build an expectancy of "perfect" beyond limits. Perfect to us is invincible, the most beautiful human on earth, amazing personality, genius. While "perfect" has been right in our noses

the whole time. Remember, "Fear is nothing more than an obstacle that stands in the way of progress"-Anonymous