Saturday, June 15, 2013

Perfect is overrated

Fear. Everyone hates fear. Being afraid, scared. And admit it... it sucks. Real bad. It makes you believe things that aren't true. It makes you do illogic things, and it makes you feel like you are not good enough.

Lets say, you are cooking an egg and the pan turns on fire. And what do you do? You don't go look for the fire extinguisher or for a glass of water, no. You just stand there yelling like if your sound waves will turn off the fire. Then your brother comes in... what does he do? He stands there, yelling along with you, and you both end up sounding like a Skrillex chorus.

In my case, I am illogic on rollercoasters. Even though I know I’m not going to die, I’m afraid. It’s like this one time. I was ready to ride my first roller coaster in years, and not a normal roller coaster... Dueling Dragons. Scarier and faster than Hulk. I whispered to my brother as I held his hand: I'm not getting scared, psh.
Yeah... well I was wrong. I sounded like a rooster in the morning.
Don't believe me? Ask my brother to show you his hand.

Fear is a powerful feeling. And it doesn't just make you do stupid things... it makes you see things that are not there.

Every time my family goes out and I stay home alone, my brain reminds me of every scary thing I've ever seen. And every time I turn around, for 1 second, I see it. Either if it is Sadako from The Ring, Billy from Saw or even a zombie. Every time I turn around, there it is. I know its just my imagination. But I still get a mini heart attack. Every. Single. Time.
You try to forget about those haunting movies. But guess what? Thats the only thing your brain thinks about. It starts imagining scenarios of Billy coming and killing you. Not by shooting you, nope. By the most sadistic, bloody way you will EVER THINK OF. And every time, you imagine a bloodier way. Thank you brain. Thank you.

Then, there is the most powerful fear. Its not just being afraid of monsters. There is also fear of being wrong. This fear is so powerfull it doesn’t let you be yourself. It makes you shy and scared of just talking to someone. It makes you afraid of not being good enough. Its a fear you should never have. People say that "perfect" doesn't exist. Crap. Everyone is perfect in their own way. Us humans have build an expectancy of "perfect" beyond limits. Perfect to us is invincible, the most beautiful human on earth, amazing personality, genius. While "perfect" has been right in our noses

the whole time. Remember, "Fear is nothing more than an obstacle that stands in the way of progress"-Anonymous

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