Saturday, June 15, 2013

Darkness arises

Tanya got off the car. She waved the taxi driver goodnight as he left leaving behind only silence and darkness. The only faint light came from an old light pole that had survived that evening's rain. Tanya searched in her warm pocket for the keys, but felt nothing. She glanced up and saw the key was already attached to the door knob. Darkness filled her inside. Nervously, she turned the key counterclockwise and with a "tack"the door swung open. She pressed the first switch she felt. Nothing happend. She desperately shoved her hand into her messy purse. She pulled out her phone and lighted the corridors with the faint light coming from the screen. She took a careful step. Then another, and another.
She pressed her finger on her phone 10 times and placed her phone against her ear.
"Hello, how may I help you?""
"Yeah, um I wanted to know why my house doesn't have any electricity. My house is at Detroit, Kennedy road, house number 6."
"Let me see what I can do. Ok, there seems to be a pair of light poles that fell around that area. They might have it fixed by 12 PM."
Tanya glanced at her clock. 10:34.
"Well okay, thanks"
She hung up and walked caressing the walls until she got to the kitchen.
She sat on the cold marble floor as she saw her phone slowly run out of battery.
She stared at the darkness as she slowly fell asleep.

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