Monday, September 23, 2013

Am I indecisive?

My whole life, I have been indecisive. It is frustrating for the people around me, but it also is for me. Not knowing what you want. And if I do, I question it and put myself in doubt.
Sometimes, it gets really ridiculous. For example, the other day I was with a couple of friends, and they asked me if I had liked the movie we had just watched. I just stood there staring at nothing, thinking about it. Had I liked it? There are pro's and con's, but was it pleasing? But then I figured out, that this is what I do. I over analyze things that just aren't meant to be thought in depth
Some of you must be thinking that this can come in handy. But it doesn't really seem so when you have lasted 45 min (literally) in a shop, holding two pairs of shoes, not knowing which to pick. And sure, this may help sometimes while at school.
But if you ask the cafeteria lady, she will beg to differ.

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