Saturday, September 28, 2013

Close the damn door.

So there I was. Naked in front of 20 people.

Let me rewind.

I was at Yellowstone Park in San Francisco where giants called trees roam the lands.
After feeling like a dwarf, I decided to head to the bathroom. Now, when I say bathroom, I mean a small cabin with a hole full of crap. Literally. After ferociously holding my pee in, it was my turn. I got in the "bathroom" and closed the door. There was no lock.
But I thought that since there was a line outside, no one would enter. Oh silly me.
When I squatted, a huge "SLAM" welcomed me to my nightmare. An oriental women on her mid 30's had opened the door. No, not a bit. She opened the whole. Damn. Thing. So there I was. Naked in front of 20 people. Now, you have to understand that my immediate reaction was: *%$&# , CIERRA LA *&%#$&# PUERTA. After I received no reaction whatsoever from her, I yelled this time more calmly: Please close the damn door. No reaction. So like a true Dominican, I pushed her outside and slammed the door shut. So now, I had to go out and face everyone who saw me naked, because of a woman who apparently apart from being deaf, was also blind and skipped the whole line.
I walked out as if nothing had happened. Yeah... well they didn't do a good job with that, because all eyes were on me. Yay.

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